Exquisite, Collectable Fragrances by Kilian


Exquisite, Collectable Fragrances by Kilian | Perfume as an Art

Kilian fragrances are without a doubt the most collectable fragrances around, not only for their incredible, unique scents but for their art. Each fragrance comes in a uniquely designed, reusable high quality box, oh no we are not talking cardboard, we are talking a box that has been designed to last, designed for other purposes in mind such as a jewellery box, watch box or even a box to keep all of you business cards in. The newest edition to the Kilian family doesn’t disappoint in both in the smell or in the art, in fact I think it is my favorite box and fragrance yet.

As Kilian Hennessy celebrates ten years of redefining the art of modern perfumery, he invites us into a new Golden Age. The new fragrance Gold Knight (above) contrasts the addictive dark sensuousness of patchouli with the effervescent brightness of bergamot and anise, and warm golden shimmer of vanilla and honey.

“Gold Knight is like liquid gold melting over a dark sensual armour.” — Pascal Gaurin (Perfumer)

Carl Thompson @Carl23B

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